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Welcome  to our Website
Rudra shop is the created for to provide the most genuine spiritual item available in reasonable price . Spiritual item includes all types of rudraksha parad idol , copper yantra in different sizes , locket pendant and many other items We have good connection directly with the farmers in Nepal and Indonesia form which we procure the rudraksha We are under guidance of very High grade learned spiritual Guru , who guide us the power of rudraksha and the other spiritual item and help in energisation of the rudraksha and other spiritual items Hope you all benefitted from our product.
Our Product
Magical Ichhadhari nagin power
Rs. 175000/ US$ 3724
Crowd puller talisman
Rs. 21000/ US$ 447
Parad shivling
Rs. 1500/ US$ 32
Megha mani
Rs. 150000/ US$ 3192
Ek mukhi rudraksha
Rs. 1890/ US$ 41
10 mukhi rudraksha
Rs. 1650/ US$ 36
Mahaganpati talisman
Rs. 34050/ US$ 725
Home protection talism
Rs. 25850/ US$ 550
Ganpati bhairav talisman( SOLD)
Rs. 103400/ US$ 2200
1001 Night khodamic Stone type2
Rs. 70500/ US$ 1500
5 mukhi rudraksha
Rs. 75/ US$ 2
Parad Ganesh
Rs. 1500/ US$ 32
Mundi Fossil
Rs. 105000/ US$ 2235
15 mukhi rudraksha
Rs. 23000/ US$ 490
Best Sellers
   " I am satisfied with the result ,regrds"Arvind ganeriwal

   " Magical ring already change my life thanks"sanjay Agarwal

   " i order 14 mukhi rudraksha from this website and they have very good online support and i also appreciate the quality of 14 mukhi rudraksha "Rajesh Ganeriwal

   " i recived 17 mukhi rudraksha on time and i realy like the quality of the rudraksha"Radheyshyam Agarwal

   " I recived 21 mukhi indonesia rudraksha in very good condition and it very good quality , i realy appreciate this website members"alberto

   " I got the lot of parad item form this wesbite and they are very much fine quality"Mukesh arora

   " I recived the ek mukhi rudraksha and i realy appreciate its quality"Amit Kumar

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